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Get cracking and book your Easter break

22 Mar 2018

Whether you’re after a pre-summer tan or to get away on a city break, Easter is the perfect time to jet off before the busy summer holidays begin. There is however, one thing that may leave holes in your pockets…

Purchasing your travel money from the airport means you’ll pay unnecessary commission and fees. If you’d only known a few days before that with eurochange you don’t pay commission, you may have been able to afford that extra ticket up the Eiffel Tower or that extra treat for the kids!

On 9th February 2018 we conducted a survey to see just how much more money you’d have in your pocket compared to those pesky airport bureaux de change. We found you could save an average of 20% or €18 when you get your currency from us rather than at the airport. Plus, we have improved rates on over 20 currencies so the more you buy, the more you’d save!

Don't buy your travel money at the airport Take off with 20% more in your sky rocket

You can even buy your travel money online from us and collect in branch or have it delivered to your door so you don’t even have to move from your sofa! How’s that for convenience? 😉

So make sure you save as much holiday money for the important things!

Want to know more? Check out our survey results, check out our blog for destination inspiration and follow us on social media for holiday inspiration!

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