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New branch alert! We’ve opened in Redhill

10 Apr 2018

Our latest new branch is located in the Belfry Shopping Centre, Redhill.

The land now known as Redhill wasn’t much more than a waterlogged wasteland in the 19th Century and there is no mention of the town around the time of William the Conqueror, even though neighbouring towns were already founded. Instead, the area was known as ‘The Reyfate Hundred’.

However, Redhill has grown to be as big as other local towns and a commercial centre that draws in people from all around.

The town’s name was Red Hill back in the 1840s, however this was changed to Redhill around 1856 when the Post Office moved from Redhill Common to the town centre and changed how it was spelt.

eurochange Redhill is located next to Pitch Blue on the Upper Shopping Level inside the Belfry Shopping Centre. It offers a variety of foreign exchange services including selling and buying back over 70 currencies, Multi-Currency Cash Passport, Travellers Cheques as well as an international payments service for sending money overseas.

Belfry Shopping Centre is just a 5 minute walk from Redhill train station and houses a range of cafés, shops and much more! What better way to spend a day than relaxing and getting ready for your next holiday!

Upon opening the branch in Redhill, Managing Director Giles Custerson said “We’re excited to open our new branch in Redhill and bring a valuable foreign exchange service to both residents and visitors to the area. We look forward to welcoming customers to the new branch.” 

The opening of the Redhill branch has created new jobs in the area and we look forward to developing our new employees to become experts in foreign currency. If you’d like to become one of our next Sales Advisors and further your career with us, check out the current vacancies on our and get in touch!

If you’re in Redhill over the next few weeks, pop in and don’t forget to pick up a leaflet for your chance to win £250 in a currency of your choice!

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