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New £50 banknote cover star nominations released

26 Nov 2018

The Bank of England have released a list of scientists nominated to grace one side of a new polymer £50 note.

The bank received over 174,000 nominations, of which 114,000 were eligible to be put in the running.


Bookmakers William Hill currently place Stephen Hawking as the front runner, closely followed by Nobel-Prize winner and crystallography developer Dorothy Hodgkin.


The list includes 600 men and nearly 200 women and includes telephone inventor Alexander Graham-Bell, penicillin discoverer Alexander Fleming, Nursing Pioneer Mary Seacole and Fossil Pioneer Mary Anning among many others.


There are currently 330 million £50 bank notes in circulation, with a combined value of £16.5bn.


A year ago, it was doubtful that a new £50 would be released. This is because it had been described as the “currency of corrupt elites” because it was so easy to forge. However the decision to create a new note was made in October 2018.


The note will be made of plastic, just like the new £5 and £10 in previous years which is more secure, durable and much more difficult to forge thanks to added security features.


The current £50 features steam engine pioneers James Watt and Matthew Boulton which was first issued in 2011.


Nominations are open until 14th December and you can make a nomination here!


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