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Brexit update – 30th January 2019

30 Jan 2019

Theresa May seems ever closer to getting her deal accepted by Parliament… but will it happen; and will it happen in time?

This week MP’s voted on two amendments in parliament. The Cooper Amendment, put forward by Labour member Yvette Cooper which would’ve seen Article 50, and therefore Brexit, delayed until the Prime Minister could get a deal approved in Parliament.


This amendment failed.


However, the second amendment passed. MP’s agreed to vote FOR Theresa May’s Brexit deal IF she can get a change to the Northern Irish Backstop. The backstop is thought to go against the Good Friday Agreement, and is in fact not wanted by Northern Ireland, the UK or the EU.


This bought a little comfort to the House of Commons, knowing that they could be closer to agreeing a deal and therefore not leaving the EU with No Deal.


Although, there is one problem. The EU have stated on more than one occasion that they’re not willing to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement or the backstop, but we’ll see if they change their minds after Theresa May returns to Brussels.


One good thing that came out of the vote was that, with the backstop negotiated and with Theresa May agreeing to go back to the EU to try to get legal changes made to the deal, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn FINALLY agreed to sit down with the Prime Minister to discuss the next steps to be taken before the UK leave the EU on 29th March 2019.

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