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Brexit update: 22nd May 2019

22 May 2019

Theresa May appeared on our screens yesterday to update us all on her latest Brexit shenanigans after the cross-party negotiations on her Brexit deal left us in the same position as we have been for almost four years.

May is bringing her Brexit Deal back to the House of Commons for a fourth time and is now once again trying to persuade MPs across both sides of the house that her deal is in fact the best solution to Brexit – but is it?

The Prime Minister laid out 10 reasons as to how her deal will help the UK get the best possible outcome from Brexit. These included:

  1. The Government will seek to conclude alternative arrangements to the Irish backstop by December 2020 so it need never be used. This would prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

  2. If the backstop DOES come into force, the Government will work to ensure it stays aligned with Northern Ireland.

  3. MPs will have to approve negotiating objectives and final treaties for our future relationship with the EU.

  4. The Withdrawal Bill guarantees that workers’ rights will be no less favourable than those in the EU.

  5. There is no change to the UK’s level of environmental protection after Brexit.

  6. The UK will seek to get the best trade deals as possible with the EU whilst being outside the single market and ending free movement.

  7. The UK will keep up to date with EU rules for goods and agri-food products that are relevant to checks at the border to protect jobs that depend on ‘just-in-time’ supply chains.

  8. MPs will decide on the UK’s Customs compromise to break the deadlock.

  9. MPs will vote on whether the deal will be subject to a second referendum.

  10. Legal duty to secure changes to political declaration to reflect the new deal.

With these 10 points in mind, will the House of Commons now pass Theresa May’s Brexit Deal; or will it be rejected once again, leaving the country no closer to knowing what will happen on 31st October?

The deal will be bought back for MPs to vote in the week beginning 3rd June – so we will soon find out!


How is Brexit affecting your travel money?

Exchange rates fluctuate daily but are usually affected by large political events and issues. The acceptance or rejection of the deal for the fourth time could make rates rise or fall, however we cannot speculate and always encourage our customers to simply buy travel money when you need it.

If you’re worried about losing money if rates fall, why not buy some of your currency now and some just before you travel to give you peace of mind.

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