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Miss Malta - Miss Out

06 Apr 2022

It’s easy to overlook Malta as a holiday destination with other sunny destinations claiming the limelight, but Malta holds some of the most magical travel experiences.

Little but lively

Malta isn’t huge (316 km²), but what it loses in size, it makes up for in charm, its calendar of events, and 3,000 hours of sunshine every year.

Malta is one of seven islands or islets (small islands), with Malta and Gozo being the most visited. Comino is the third islet that has just one luxury resort and a stunning blue lagoon. The other four islets are uninhabited. 

With breathtaking coastlines featuring rocky beaches and outcrops, Malta isn’t the sandiest of holiday destinations, but it is stunning, so head for Mellieha Bay, which has an 800-metre stretch if you need to feel the sand between your toes. There are also plenty of lidos dotted around the coast, and most people simply lay a towel on a flat rock to sunbathe.

Dating back to the neolithic period, Malta is dotted with history and culture, from megalithic monuments to palazzos and cathedrals - you won’t be short of sites to visit.

You’ll also find an element of sophistication in the harbours, bars, shops, and coastal resorts like no other destination - which is perhaps why Malta has become a playground for the wealthy? 

Where is Malta?

Malta is located in the Mediterranean sea, south of Sicily in Italy - at the tip of the Italian boot if you look on a map.

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Mysterious Malta

With hotspots for sophisticated dining, shopping, and nightlife, alongside Blue Flag beaches, albeit rocky, Malta has become a place where trendy people buy property, moor boats, and relax.

Bugibba, Malta

If you like your weather hot, your locals warm and friendly, and bars and restaurants galore -  then you’ll love Bugibba.

Located at the tip of Malta, you’ll find this top Maltese treat to be surrounded by a rocky coastline, sumptuous restaurant squares, and a new waterpark.

You’ll find shopping, harbours, and a beautiful man-made beach here that will ensure that everything on your holiday checklist is covered.

Paradise Bay, Malta

It’s in the name, Paradise Bay is a heady mixture of white, sandy beach and sprawling countryside, but the name is also deceiving. 

A favourite of hikers, the town is actually on a clifftop that overlooks the bay, so you’ll need to descend a staircase that has nestles into the rockface to get a peek of one of the island’s most popular beaches.

Qawra, Malta

A pineapple-lined promenade leads you around Qawra’s beach, warm seas, and luxurious hotels. It’s a playground for those that love watersports and diving. 

With an old fortress that now has an appealing pool and restaurant and a road aptly named Tourist Street for tasty treats and bars that open late - you’ll have everything you need.

Sliema, Malta

If you’d like to be sandwiched between nightlife and the glamour of Valletta, this midpoint in the North of Malta is perfect for you. 

You’ll have Blue Flag beaches, although a little rocky like most of Malta’s beaches, and also lidos, where families have everything at hand for small ones. Sliema has become an area for those that prefer sophistication when it comes to bars, restaurants, and shopping.

Valletta, Malta

Valletta’s narrow streets are filled to the brim with palaces, museums, and churches, yet it’s only 1 km square. 

It’s quite unbelievable how the capital fits in two harbours and an abundance of bars, restaurants, and shops - and you’re well-positioned to visit Mellieha’s sandy shores and Mdina Old City.

St Julian’s, Malta

The nightlife in St Julian’s is like no other in Malta, with bars and restaurants that look out to sea and serve Maltese cuisine that will keep you coming back for more. 

You also have shopping, a small sandy beach, and of course lidos, which are very popular in Malta - as is sunbathing on a nice smooth rock. 

Mellieha Bay, Malta

There is only one reason to visit Mellieha, and it’s the 800-metre sandy beach, and with sand a rarity in Malta, it’s worth the visit. 

The hillside town is a twenty-minute walk from the beach, but you’ll wind your way through some beautiful narrow lanes and be rewarded with amazing cafes and restaurants at the top.

Malta’s secrets

Local people visit very different places on their own island than tourists, and wanderlust bloggers are adept at digging out those places off the beaten track. 

If you head to the southeast coast, for instance, you’ll see beautiful fishing villages and parks like Xrobb I-Ghagin park, where you’ll experience a breathtaking coastal walk.

Head to Comino from Sliema or Bugibba and take in the Blue Lagoon or travel to Riveria Bay for a beach that isn’t on the tourist map. The sunsets from the Riveria Bay will etch themselves on your memory.

On the southwest of the island, you’ll find Ghar Lapsi, where you can relax at the beach after visiting the only freestanding temples left in the world in Mnajdra.

Malta airports

Malta is only small, and its primary airport is the Malta International Airport.

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