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Transactions are fee free for transfers over £2,000 or £5 for transfers below £2,000.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will I always have to pay the £5 transfer fee?

Only if the transaction is under the value of £2000.

Is there a limit to the amount I can send via Quick Transfer?

Quick Transfer is for personal use and one-off purchases of goods and services. The maximum you can send at any one time is £5000. You will need to upgrade to the free International Payments account for larger deals.

Why can't I send the currency I’m looking for?

Not all currencies are available to trade because of restrictions imposed by the issuing countries. The USD is the most popular choice of currency worldwide, but always check with the recipient which one they would like to receive before processing your transaction. In some cases the currency you require is only available to International Payments account-holders.

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