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    At eurochange we pride ourselves on the high standard of service that we offer, always striving to deliver great service, convenience and value to our customers. We regularly receive feedback and we welcome yours - please click here. See below for our latest comments:

    • I have just been to change Euros back to Sterling at the Cascades branch in Portsmouth. I was served by Khadeejaa (a trainee) and I wanted to feedback how great she was. Really friendly, knowledgeable and polite. I’m sure she won't be a trainee for much longer. I hope this gets fed back as people are all to quick to criticise but never praise.
    • James Batchelor, eurochange Portsmouth
    • 24/08/2017
    • I called into your St Helens branch yesterday to enquire about purchasing my currency for my upcoming holiday. I was seen to by a lovely young woman called Michelle, she seemed genuinely interested in what I was after and I was very pleased with the service I received from her. She asked plenty of questions as to where I was travelling to and I was surprised at how friendly and helpful she was. Upon explaining we were going to our villa she spoke to me about transferring my money into an account overseas, this was extremely helpful as I do actually have an account in Spain, she explained the services and gave me a leaflet for further reference.

      Although yesterday was just an enquiry I will definitely be bringing my business to yourselves, Michelle has made such an impact on me that I would just like to praise her and say how much of an asset she is to St Helens Eurochange. Many thanks for all the information and genuinely lovely chat.
    • Paul Fletcher, eurochange St Helens
    • 23/08/2017
    • Adela was highly professional, informative, friendly & efficient. I had a complex situation which required patience. Adela has this in abundance. Nothing but fantastic service and will recommend to family and friends.
    • Benita Treanor, eurochange Harrogate
    • 23/08/2017
    • I just wanted to write and say thank you and compliment your staff. I visited both branches of eurochange in the Arndale yesterday as I needed rather a lot of Chinese currency and your rates were the best that day. In the first branch both members whose names I don't know were very helpful and phoned the other branch to see if they had currency I could take and offered advice for my needs. At the other branch I was served by Jen, the branch manager, and I have to say she was so friendly and helpful going out of her way to help me get the currency I needed including calling to make sure I could also have the small denomination notes. She also attempted to help me set up an online account for transferring money when I first start my new job in China. Unfortunately after a lot of work on her part we discovered it didn't quite meet my needs, although it is a service I was happy to hear about and may use at a later date.

      After having dealt with examples of bad customer service earlier in the day from a completely unrelated company, it was a heartwarming experience to meet such genuinely helpful people. It really felt like they care about giving the customers the best deal they could get because they wanted to rather than were instructed to. So thank you...I for one appreciated the experience enough to feel it worth sending an email.
    • Lynn Scarsbrook, eurochange Manchester
    • 18/08/2017
    • Many thanks for your prompt service. Royal Mail has delivered the purchase this morning.
    • John Toogood, Home Delivery
    • 16/08/2017
    • Just thought I would provide positive feedback about Remy at eurochange Bootle, Liverpool. It's a while since I've been away and I have never used the cash passports before. Remy took time to explain all about it. It wasn't rushed or patronising. He was brilliant and I will recommend the Bootle branch and go back there in future. I work for HMRC nearby and know how a little good service gets recognised. I will definitely recommend the Bootle branch to my colleagues.
    • Amanda Seddon, eurochange Bootle
    • 12/08/2017
    • This is the second time I have used eurochange and found the service and staff second to none. I shall definitely use the service again.
    • Mrs B Chapman, eurochange Hull
    • 10/08/2017
    • I wanted to give you some feedback from my visit to your Guildford branch yesterday and my interaction with Stephen and Shaida. They were both wonderful. Professional, efficient, warm, helpful - and they sorted out all the queries that I had. They are both a huge credit to your organisation. I came away with a loaded debit account, and I had been planning to do my transfer through the bank, but will use eurochange now, which makes me feel a lot easier. The whole process was so positive - not ordinarily my experience of such things! I won't hesitate to recommend Eurochange to others - and may everyone's experience be as great as mine! Please thank them so much on my behalf.
    • Caroline Conradie, eurochange Guildford
    • 10/08/2017
    • Just want to say a big thanks for all the help we had from Karolina Dragon in the Boscombe branch in the Sovereign Centre. Please pass on our appreciation.
    • Rosina Cianchetta, eurochange Boscombe
    • 09/08/2017
    • Having never used your service before, I thought that I should make you aware of the truly exceptional customer service that I received today from one of your members of staff (Alex) at your Centre MK branch. I needed to transfer some money to my adoptive son in Nigeria and was greeted with such wonderful customer service.

      Later on that day (today), I received a call from my son saying that I had accidentally put the names the wrong way round. It was my day off and I was actually transferring the money to his brother so he could get it. When I went back, I explained to Alex what had happened as I was worried that I could not get it changed. She took charge of the situation and immediately got in contact with WU who advised her to call back 10 minutes later. She asked me to come back in 10 minutes after letting me know the situation and apologised for what had happened. About 15 minutes later I came back and Alex immediately got on the phone again and sorted it out. To most people this is not a big thing, but I have worked in Customer Service over 30 years and I rarely see good service let alone exceptional service. It was not just the efficiency of how quickly Alex sorted the matter, but it was that she was calm, extremely polite and amazingly professional through all of it. I know that many people write to complain, but I wanted to write and say how I received truly fantastic customer service today. I do not know if you have a reward scheme, but if you do, please reward her for me.
    • Miss D Dennis, eurochange Milton Keynes, The Centre: MK
    • 03/08/2017
    • I wanted to take a couple of minutes to say how pleased I was with the friendly service I received today at the St Helens, Hardshaw Centre branch. This is the first time I have used your currency exchange facility - recommended by my mum! The young lady, whose badge stated she was 'in training' was called Melissa and was incredibly personable and efficient - she listened to my needs, organised my currency, alongside her colleague; and gave me some additional useful information for transferring money etc. Having worked in the past in retail I know that people often contact Customer Services with complaints and negativity, but I wanted to take an opportunity to say 'well done' to someone for a change. I will definitely use your services again, I regularly travel abroad and will make your kiosk my first choice option in future.
    • Mrs Carol Robertson, eurochange St Helens
    • 01/08/2017
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