Buyback Guarantee

Holiday money can be a bit of a balancing act, can't it? Buy too little foreign currency and you could end up strapped for cash on your last few days away. Buy too much and you could end up with lots left over.

So to give you extra peace of mind our Buyback Guarantee is here - for just a small upfront fee (£4), we'll guarantee a like-for-like refund on a percentage of whatever unused holiday money you bring back. It's our currency buyback guarantee - no more balancing. Just more great holiday memories.

Return up to 30% of your travel money at exactly the same exchange rate for up to 30 days after your purchase date. This costs £4.00 with a minimum purchase of £150 worth of travel money required and a maximum purchase of £2,500 worth of travel money. Available to purchase online and in branch, and must be purchased at the same time you buy your travel money.

Reasons to choose our Buyback Guarantee

Thousands have benefited from our Buyback Guarantee service giving them extra peace of mind that any unspent currency can be bought back at exactly same rate!*

  • Available online or in branch
  • We buy back 1 & 2 Euro coins unlike other providers who only purchase foreign currency notes
  • Return your unspent travel money to any of our branches along with your Buyback Guarantee receipt

*Like-for-like refund on a percentage of the currency you bring back depending on which Buyback Guarantee option you purchase. Terms & Conditions apply.

Buyback Guarantee FAQs

How much does the Buyback Guarantee cost?

Our Buyback Guarantee costs £4 for orders of £150 - £2,500.

Can I buy a Buyback Guarantee online?

Our £4 Buyback Guarantee can be bought online as part of your currency order as long as the value of the order is above £150.

How long do I have to return my unspent currency?

You will have 30 days from the day of purchase to return your leftover currency and redeem your Buyback Guarantee.

Can I purchase a Buyback Guarantee with a Multi-Currency Cash Passport?

No unfortunately a Buyback Guarantee cannot be purchased for use with our Multi Currency Cash Passport, however if foreign currency notes are purchased at the same time then you will be able to purchase a Buy Back Guarantee.

Can I redeem my Buyback Guarantee in any branch?

Yes, as long as you bring your receipt with you, you can sell back your leftover currency and redeem your Buyback Guarantee in any of our branches.

What happens if I've lost my proof of purchase?

Please contact Customer Services. You will need the date, approximate time and value of your transaction to help us find the correct details.

How our Buyback Guarantee works


Buy your travel money online or in branch

Choose the amount you need. Minimum and maximum purchase amounts apply.


Choose our Buyback Guarantee

You can return 30% of your original currency purchase within 30 days for £4.


Bring back your leftover currency and redeem

When you return from your holiday bring your leftover currency and your Buyback Guarantee receipt to a branch of your choice to redeem.

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