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At eurochange we offer great exchange rates on over 70 currencies, 365 days a year. Plus, you won't pay a penny in commission. We've put together some tips on what to look for when comparing travel money rates and to ensure that you get the best exchange rate on your holiday money.

How exchange rates are calculated

Exchange rates are the rate at which one currency will be exchanged for another. It's also regarded as the value of one country's currency vs another currency. Rates change daily and it is important to be aware that the rates quoted in the media are the interbank rates, known in the industry as the 'spot rate'. These rates are what suppliers can purchase the currency at and will not be offered by any travel money supplier. The retail rate you will see advertised by travel money providers will be lower than the spot rate as this will include the margin that the provider has applied to the currency.

At eurochange we set our exchange rates once every morning, in line with market rates. We don’t adjust them throughout the day like many suppliers do - this means that you'll receive a transparent and fair rate that reflects the real market price.

In short if the GBP strengthens against a currency the rate will go up and you will receive more for your money. Though if the GBP weakens the opposite will be the case.
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Watch out for commission

Foreign exchange providers are notorious for charging commission on transactions, so make sure you ask first before you transact and check your receipt carefully. Here at eurochange we are transparent with our pricing - our travel money is commission-free and at great rates!

Avoid hidden charges on holiday money

Rather than charging commission, other suppliers simply inflate their rates, charge ‘handling fees’, ‘admin fees' or high delivery costs. We’ve seen handling fees as high as £4.75, admin fees of £1.99 for orders under £100, and home delivery costs of between £7.00 and £10.00!

At eurochange we do not charge any admin or handling fees, and our delivery cost is a very reasonable £3.95 for orders below £600 and free for orders above.

We also don't penalise customers who want to order a lower amount of currency - many suppliers have a minimum order value of £200 or even £400, our minimum order amount is just £100. 
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Avoid the airports

For some, purchasing at the airport is what they're used to, but that little extra convenience can cost you big! Our survey of travel money providers at UK airports, conducted in December 2021, showed that you'd receive an extra €179 when purchasing £1,000 from us instead!

Using eurochange doesn’t have to be less convenient either, with branches across the UK and next day home delivery, free on orders over £600, why purchase at the airport?
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Be wary of travel money comparison sites

Some comparison sites are a useful tool at giving a snap shot of foreign currency providers and their rates. Others only promote suppliers that they have a commercial relationship with, or rank suppliers by who is paying them the highest commission rather than the best exchange rate.

So be cautious when using comparison sites and remember that there are other factors you should consider too: Is the supplier you are thinking of using a reputable, established brand? Have they got a good number of reviews and are the reviews good? Do they have conveniently located branches if you wish to collect your order, or a quick home delivery service?
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