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How does this currency converter work?

Eurochange's currency converter will show you how much your GBP is worth in foreign currencies based on our exchange rate. We set our currency exchange rates every morning in line with market rates - these rates are available online only for Pay & Collect or Home Delivery orders – rates in branch will differ and will generally be lower.

You can convert over 70 currencies quickly and easily, simply input your amount in the currency calculator above, select your destination currency and our tool will convert your currency. You can then order to collect in branch or for Home Delivery if you'd like to proceed.

How Do I Buy Currencies Online?

Choose from over 70 currencies

Commission-free and at great rates. Select the amount of currency you'd like.

Choose Pay & Collect

Order online and collect from just 60 seconds from one of our branches nationwide.

Or Home Delivery

For Next Day Home Delivery straight to your door (free on orders over £600).

Currency Converter FAQs

How do you convert currencies?

At eurochange we set our exchange rates for each currency once every morning, in line with market rates. We don't adjust them throughout the day like many suppliers do - this means that you'll receive a transparent and fair rate that reflects the real market price. In short if the GBP strengthens against a currency the rate will go up and you will receive more for your money. Though if the GBP weakens the opposite will be the case. You can check our current Online Rates for each currency using the Currency Converter above.

How can I convert my money?

You can convert between £100 and £2,500 online using our Currency Converter above. This will tell you the amount of foreign currency you'll get in return for the amount of GBP you have input, and the exchange rate.

Why do exchange rates move?

Exchange rates are the rate at which one currency will be exchanged for another. It's also regarded as the value of one country's currency vs another currency. Exchange rates are constantly moving, based on supply and demand as well as other factors. Whether one currency is in higher demand than another, depends on the perceived value of owning it at that particular time.

Why do conversion rates differ between companies?

Exchange rates change daily and it is important to be aware that the rates quoted in the media are the interbank rates, known in the industry as the 'spot rate'. These rates are what suppliers can purchase the currency at and will not be offered by any travel money supplier. The retail rate you will see advertised by travel money providers will be lower than the spot rate as this will include the margin that the provider has applied to the currency. Each provider can choose the margin they would like to add for each currency, which is why rates differ between companies.

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