How to sell your leftover Travel Money back to us

With two options for selling back your unused holiday money, it couldn't be simpler, faster or more straightforward...

Online or in branch? Here's how to sell back your currency

Our Online Sell Back & Collect service is a simple, straightforward way to sell your unused foreign currency online, then collect it in any one of our branches nationwide.


Tell us your currency details

Select which currency you'd like to sell back and how much you have.


Choose your branch

Tell us which branch you'd like us to send your GBP to and when you'll pick it up (we'll hold your order for 2 days).


Print off your confirmation

Once you've completed your sell back instructions and given us your details, simply print off your confirmation.


Collect your money

Then just take your confirmation into your chosen branch - and collect your money.

If you're near one of our branches nationwide, selling back your unused foreign currency at a great rate couldn't be simpler or faster.


Take your money into a branch

Visit your local branch with your leftover travel money (and with your original purchase receipt if you bought it using our Original Rate Buy Back service).                             


Hand over your currency

Our team will then tell you that day's exchange rate and how much your currency is worth. Then once you've handed your money over...


We'll give you your GBP

...they'll count out your money in pounds and pence. Then you'll just need to sign to say you've received your money - and it's all yours!

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