Rate Watch

If you know you need to buy or sell currency in the next few weeks and want to make sure you get the best rate, try our free Rate Watch service.

Sign up here, choose which currency or currencies you'd like to monitor together with how often you'd like to be updated, whether that's by SMS or email. Then once you're happy with the rate, just buy or sell in the usual way. It couldn't be simpler - but it could help you save a tidy sum on your currency.

service, convenience and value

Helping you choose the best time to change currency

80 currencies, available

Choose your currency, frequency & method of alert

quick and easy, money transfers

It won't cost you a penny

117 branches, we're never far away

Unsubscribe or amend your alerts at any time

Setting up Rate Watch alerts is as easy as 1, 2, 3... and 4!


Tell us your currency details

First of all, we'll need your contact details and how you'd like us to contact you (SMS or email).


Give us your time frames

Tell us if you're looking for online rates or branch rates, the time period you'd like to receive your alerts for, how often you'd like to receive your alerts and on which days of the week.


Choose your currency details

Finally, tell us which currency you'd like to receive updates on and whether you have a desired rate.


And you're ready to go!

Once we've got all those details, your Rate Watch will be set up and ready to go. And of course, once you've seen your ideal rate, just buy or sell your currency in the usual way.

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