Cash Travellers Cheques in the UK

American Express Travellers Cheques never expire and you can now cash your Euro, US, Canadian and Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan and Sterling Travellers Cheques at any one of our 190+ branches across the UK.

It's quick and easy to cash your unused Travellers Cheques - simply bring them to your nearest NM Money or Eurochange branch (we have over 190 across the UK), and then the process will take just a few minutes. You'll be paid right away in cash (for large transactions we may be able to arrange a BACs payment) and there is no fee! (just a small 2% commission charge for cashing GBP Travellers Cheques only).

How can I cash my unused American Express Travellers Cheques?


Visit any eurochange or NM Money branch

We have over 190 branches on High Streets and in Shopping Centres across the UK. All can cash Travellers Cheques.


Bring your Travellers Cheques with you

We'll cash EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, JPY, CNY & GBP Travellers Cheques, so bring these to the branch. Also bring ID as we may need this.


Receive your payout in cash

We'll pay you straight away in cash. For large transactions we may be able to arrange a BACs payment.

Find your nearest branch

Search below to find your nearest branch to cash your unused Travellers Cheques.

American Express Travellers Cheques FAQs

Can I cash my unused Travellers Cheques?

Yes, any unused Travellers Cheques can be cashed at any NM Money or Eurochange branch.

Where can I cash my Travellers Cheques?

In branch at any of our 190+ UK NM Money or Eurochange locations. Visit our branch locator to find your nearest branch.

Have my Travellers Cheques expired?

No, Travellers Cheques have no expiry date so can be cashed irrespective of issue date.

What currency Travellers Cheques can I cash?

Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY) and British Pound (GBP) Travellers Cheques can be cashed.

How will I be paid?

In branch pay-outs will be made in cash. For large transactions we may be able to arrange a BACs payment.

What is the fee for cashing my Travellers Cheques?

We charge no fees other than a 2% commission charge for cashing GBP Travellers Cheques.

How long does it take to cash my Travellers Cheques?

The process only takes a few minutes while we validate your Travellers Cheques and you will be paid at the time of your transaction.

Do I need to provide any supporting documents/ID?

Generally no, however in some cases we may require photographic ID. To be on the safe side please bring your passport or driver's licence.

Will you capture any personal information?

You will be advised of any personal information that may be collected together with the reason for doing so. We will not collect any other personal information without your consent.

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