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Customer Support Consultant

eurochange Ltd is a customer driven Company, where our success is dependent upon great people, great brand, great service and great products. To ensure our continued success, we require well-trained and motivated staff that can provide the best possible customer service, which in turn can be converted into increased sales and profitability.


Key business aim


The overall aim of the Company is to deliver sustained annual profitable growth. Therefore each department and every employee must make a positive contribution to our success and to make a profitable contribution to the Company.


Overview of Responsibilities


The Customer Support team consultant is responsible for  all day-to-day activities associated with the support of; eurochange direct customers, branch customers and M&S business (and any other applicable TP clients). This will include responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of the Customer Support function.


Main Duties and Responsibilities


The following is a list of the general areas, which will actively concern the Customer Support team consultant. The list is not exhaustive and may be enhanced or supplemented at the discretion of the Head of Operations.




  • On a daily basis ensure that Customer Support meets its goals and objectives, ensuring all policies and procedures are followed and services are provided effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure activities meet with and integrate with Company requirements for excellence in service delivery, meeting health and safety requirements, compliance with legal requirements and the general duty of care towards other staff, customers, contractors and any other persons who visit our premises.
  • Ensure that all Customer Support and Company’s policies and procedures are adhered to without variation at all times.
  • Ensure that any Core Tasks assigned to you have been completed in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Undertake occasional branch visits inside and outside London in order to remain aware of key issues and help build relationships with the branch colleagues.


Customers/ Clients and other third parties


  • Help and support customers with any queries relating to the buying and selling of foreign currency.
  • Follow-up any customer/client requests, queries and complaints as soon as possible and inform your Line Manager.
  • Ensure that all information relating to customers, clients and other third parties are processed and maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act and that all such information remains confidential at all times, unless such information is required for legitimate business transactions, or to comply with legislative requirements (e.g. money laundering regulations).
  • Ensure where required, immediate remedial action is taken on the back of complaints.
  • Ensuring webchat queries are answered within required parameters, and that chats are conducted in line with the Company Monitoring standard.
  • Capture Customer orders in line with agreed targets.
  • To always provide a professional service, by resolving queries with courtesy and patience.
  • Answer phone calls within required parameters, always in a courteous and professional manner, in line with the Company Call Monitoring standard, but ensuring they are not unnecessarily long, so that operational efficiency is optimised.
  • Ensure core principles are adhered to at all times.
  • Maintain and record appropriate information accurately (on all systems).


Offices/ Systems/ Procedures


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